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Top 5 Land Excursions

Top 5 Land Excursions

We love diving but there are times when you need something else to do! Or maybe you have non-divers in your group. We have you covered! We have found some of the best things to do in Cozumel if it isn't scuba diving!

1. XRail to Jade Cavern

All we can say about this one is GET READY FOR EXTREME FUN! Wild Tours has All Terrain Xrails, (fully automatic), that seats up to 2 passengers. They say these are very safe and do have harnesses that keep you buckled in tight. And you'll need them! You get to take off road trails that are in lush jungles headed to Jade Caverns. Jade Caverns is stunning - a Botanical Garden of sorts which has rare plants to see, like Orchids, Vanilla and Palm trees. However, the coolest part of the trip for many are the  Stalactite formations that adorn the entire Cavern. Once there, you can swim in emerald waters and take in the magic before you head back on the Xrails. The company says that thus is one of their most popular Cozumel Excursions. It is easy to understand why!

2. Dolphin Discovery at Chakanaab National Park

If you have never experienced swimming with dolphins, the Dolphin Discovery experience at Chakanaab National Park is a must do. We recommend the full-day interactive experience at Chakanaab National Park. This is a snorkeling expedition that includes a dream swim with dolphins and you also enjoy snorkeling in the beautifully clear Caribbean Sea. The full day also allows visitors to watch the sea lion show and spend time in the national park before snorkeling with the dolphins. For many, the highlight is the ‘belly ride’ on a dolphin. There are different packages, some allow a ‘dorsal tow’ and ‘foot push’ from a dolphin to raise you high above the water. It is a fun, safe activity that you will remember for the rest of your life.

3. Private Jeep Excursion

Cozumel is not very big but there is a whole side many folks will never see. With a private jeep tour, you get to drive your own jeep and follow your guide to discover parts of the island not on typical tours. The tour is customizable and can feature stops like the El Cedral, Mayan Ruin, private beach snorkeling or wherever you wish to visit. There's nothing like an open-air jeep excursion in a tropical paradise!

4. Chichen Itza Mayan Ruins

One of Mexico's most significant archeological finds, Chichen Itza is a full-day excursion. Discove facts about the ancient Mayan civilization and their highly prosperous civilization. Explore the impressive structures in one of the largest ruins in Mexico. This vast site has a guideed 2-hour tour with a professional guide. You will learn about the Maya people and see Chichen Itza’s most magnificent structures, like El Castillo and the Temple of the Warriors.As a bonus, you also get to enjoy the Mayaland Hotel's facilities, including their beautiful gardens and refreshing swimming pool. You can relax with a 5-course lunch,including beer, wine or soft drinks.


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