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Cozumel Maps

The following maps were designed as a reference to Cozumel. These maps were created by™ as a general reference. Measurements, scale and exact placements are not guaranteed. These maps have been copywritten by™ and are for general tourist use ONLY. Copies may be made as long as the map is copied exactly as you see here and in no way altered. All copyright notices must stay in tact.

For commercial use, please contact™ for permissions. In most cases, permission will be granted free of charge, however, express written permission is required for both print and other media use.

Map of Cozumel - This map features everything you need for a basic trip around the island or a day of diving. Included in this Cozumel map is:

  1. Cozumel Dive Sites
  2. Mayan Ruins
  3. Pier Locations
  4. Out of town restaurants
  5. Other points of interest

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